Taste & See Ministries

Taste & See Ministries is a Missions & Discipleship training organization based out of Lynchburg, Virginia. Taste & See was founded seven years ago by its current president Seth Hicks. In January of this year (2017) Taste & See became a formal non-profit organization. Below you can read in detail our mission, vision, and purpose. For more information contact us at: info@psalms348.org

Taste & See Mission

Our mission is to disciple people and families in their personal life, so that they can know and receive intimacy with God – beginning first in their homes and continuing into various parts of their life, ultimately ending in local and global (glocal) outreach.

Taste & See Vision

Our vision is to build an organization that helps in the spiritual formation of Christian men and women. We hope to do this by discipling them in encountering and experiencing the presence of Jesus Christ in their daily lives, both personally and collectively. These roots will begin in the home, but will grow and form groups of believers that are living in close relationships who are doing life together, serving the community, and partnering with other organizations to do cross-cultural missions work. Demographically Taste and See focuses on college age and young adults who are seeking to discover: their identity, genuine relationships, authentic families, and a purposed life-journey. Through this we hope to train up and disciple these young adults in the Christian Scriptures to fulfill and live out Psalm 34:8, which states, “Taste and See that the Lord is good.” Taste and See will be a living representation to the world of those who have tasted and seen that the Lord is good, and are sharing that truth with others.

Our Purpose

The specific purpose and goal of this organization shall be:

A. To disciple and raise up young adults in the following:

  • Intimately knowing the presence of God
  • Understanding and embracing their purpose within community
  • Developing a God-given plan of action for their life
  • Cultivating a global perspective in their outreach

B. To facilitate and foster:

  • In-home gatherings
  • Leadership trainings and Bible studies,
  • Group retreats and trips
  • Overseas exposure trips

*These environments will help equip people to develop the knowledge and attitudes listed under goal A.

C. To Reproduce and invest in disciples that have been developed through goals A & B:

  • By supporting full & part-time missionaries
  • By funding the group trips, trainings, and retreats
  • By allocating stipends for those hosting consistent gatherings
  • By investing in projects shaped by people throughout the process