A Look at the Book of Acts

Written By Victor Stanley Jr.* 

Acts is a book that serves as a history of the beginnings of the Church. It was written by Luke, and serves as “Part II” of what we will call his “History of Christianity.” By Part II I mean that it is the continuation of the book that bears its authors name, that is The Gospel According to Luke. Acts provides what Dr. Chris Gnanakan (Dr. G) calls a theological-literary framework for missional living. There are four elements that are present in the composition of Acts: Continue reading “A Look at the Book of Acts”


The Full Gospel

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

The Rich Young Ruler in Mark 10 asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus first response was that the man must keep the law. The young ruler said that he had done this, so Jesus then tells him to sell all that he has and give it to the poor and to come follow him. The young ruler walked away distraught because he had many possessions. Again in Matthew 16 Jesus says to his disciples that whoever loses their life for Christ’s sake will find it. Both of these exchanges reveal something about what it means to follow Christ. One must deny him or herself and be willing to commit their entire life to Christ in order to inherit the Kingdom of God, more commonly referred to as Heaven. Continue reading “The Full Gospel”

Leadership & The Gospel

Written By Victor Stanley Jr.

Christian leaders must always look to scripture as the basis for leadership. With the focal point of scripture being the gospel, it only makes sense to consider what implications the gospel has with regard to leadership. For most Christians the gospel consists of the story or message of Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection along with the fact of him being God. Furthermore, it teaches that belief in this message brings about the moment of salvation, which is the conversion of an unbeliever. However, this view of the gospel is narrow in that it leaves out the bulk of the teachings found in the New Testament writings of the Apostles and the teachings of Jesus.  Continue reading “Leadership & The Gospel”