A Look at the Book of Acts

Written By Victor Stanley Jr.* 

Acts is a book that serves as a history of the beginnings of the Church. It was written by Luke, and serves as “Part II” of what we will call his “History of Christianity.” By Part II I mean that it is the continuation of the book that bears its authors name, that is The Gospel According to Luke. Acts provides what Dr. Chris Gnanakan (Dr. G) calls a theological-literary framework for missional living. There are four elements that are present in the composition of Acts: Continue reading “A Look at the Book of Acts”


A Generation Lost?

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

Multigenerational ministry seems to be more relevant of an issue in our modern times than in the past, I have no hard evidence for this, but, my general knowledge of Church History suggests it is true. Why is this such an issue? There are many theories: the advent of postmodernity, the battle between traditional and contemporary services, out of touch old people, syncretistic young people and so on. I would contend that one of the major issues—at least for the American Church—is the institutionalization of Church within the mainstream society and culture. Continue reading “A Generation Lost?”

Is a Church That Believes Baptism Is Not Commanded a True Church?

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

In Romans 6 Paul hinges his entire argument on the correlation between physical baptism and spiritual rebirth. From this one can conclude that baptism should not merely be regarded as a surface level tradition done simply because it is what Christians do. Rather baptism carries with it much significance as it connects the believer, even if only symbolically, with Christ in his death and resurrection. Continue reading “Is a Church That Believes Baptism Is Not Commanded a True Church?”