“Not Peace But A Sword”

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.


“You think I have come to bring peace on the earth.
I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.”
(Matt. 10:34)

These are the words of Jesus to His disciples before sending them out into Judea to proclaim the message of Christ. These words do not mesh well with the romanticized timid and docile Jesus we tend to speak about in our churches. These words would not be spoke by the Jesus who wouldn’t harm a fly, who would never inconvenience us, who would never put us in uncomfortable positions, or disrupt our cozy lives. The Jesus proclaimed in most of our churches is at the mercy of our free will, our capriciousness, our desires, and is a glorified Santa Claus who grants wishes asked of him in the form of so called prayers; that Jesus would not dare to speak these words. If the Jesus we claim to carry in our hearts were to speak these words, well, we might have to kill Him for disrupting the natural scheme of things and upending our lives. Continue reading ” “Not Peace But A Sword””


A Look at the Book of Acts

Written By Victor Stanley Jr.* 

Acts is a book that serves as a history of the beginnings of the Church. It was written by Luke, and serves as “Part II” of what we will call his “History of Christianity.” By Part II I mean that it is the continuation of the book that bears its authors name, that is The Gospel According to Luke. Acts provides what Dr. Chris Gnanakan (Dr. G) calls a theological-literary framework for missional living. There are four elements that are present in the composition of Acts: Continue reading “A Look at the Book of Acts”

A Generation Lost?

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

Multigenerational ministry seems to be more relevant of an issue in our modern times than in the past, I have no hard evidence for this, but, my general knowledge of Church History suggests it is true. Why is this such an issue? There are many theories: the advent of postmodernity, the battle between traditional and contemporary services, out of touch old people, syncretistic young people and so on. I would contend that one of the major issues—at least for the American Church—is the institutionalization of Church within the mainstream society and culture. Continue reading “A Generation Lost?”

Celebrate Christmas If You A Real G

Written by Adam Coleman

I spend a lot of my social media time debating with folks from various worldviews (i.e. Hebrew Israelites, Kemetics) and have picked up a number of Facebook friends that way. So around this time of year I find my timeline littered with Youtube videos, memes, and articles about whether or not Christmas is of pagan origins. Is jolly old Saint Nick just a mythical fat guy with nothing but love for everybody or is he some sort pagan-inspired distraction to an otherwise sacred holiday? Welp, I’ll let that battle rage on amongst the keyboard warriors and talk about something else entirely. After reading up on the original Saint Nicholas I’ve got new inspiration for celebrating Christmas this year so I’d rather speak on that. Continue reading “Celebrate Christmas If You A Real G”

Leadership & The Gospel

Written By Victor Stanley Jr.

Christian leaders must always look to scripture as the basis for leadership. With the focal point of scripture being the gospel, it only makes sense to consider what implications the gospel has with regard to leadership. For most Christians the gospel consists of the story or message of Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection along with the fact of him being God. Furthermore, it teaches that belief in this message brings about the moment of salvation, which is the conversion of an unbeliever. However, this view of the gospel is narrow in that it leaves out the bulk of the teachings found in the New Testament writings of the Apostles and the teachings of Jesus.  Continue reading “Leadership & The Gospel”

MySelf Analysis: The Transformed Hustler

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

I grew up in a Christian home, my dad is currently the senior pastor of my home church, and was raised in an explicitly Christian community, which contributed greatly to who I currently am as a person. Today I would say that my Attachment Style is secure with some avoidant tendencies. However up to this point in my life I would say that I have just about, for an extended time, displayed each of the attachment styles. There are two major events in my life thus far that completely turned my world upside down, and veered the course of my personal, spiritual, and psychological development down a dark road. Thankfully those events and all that accompanied them built me into a man that desires nothing more than to pursue Christ endlessly.

Continue reading “MySelf Analysis: The Transformed Hustler”