A Generation Lost?

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

Multigenerational ministry seems to be more relevant of an issue in our modern times than in the past, I have no hard evidence for this, but, my general knowledge of Church History suggests it is true. Why is this such an issue? There are many theories: the advent of postmodernity, the battle between traditional and contemporary services, out of touch old people, syncretistic young people and so on. I would contend that one of the major issues—at least for the American Church—is the institutionalization of Church within the mainstream society and culture. Continue reading “A Generation Lost?”


Leadership & The Imago Dei Part II

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.



What Is Leadership?

Leadership is the process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Leadership is often thought of as a one-time event or opportunity, but it is actually a process over time that requires implementing methodology, building structure, and fostering relationships. Leadership requires that there be a group of individuals, known as followers, being led. The role of the leader is to motivate, mobilize, and equip his or her followers towards a shared vision, and the role of the follower is to buy into and carry out the vision presented by the leader. This means honoring and submitting to the authority of the leader, as well as having the freedom to purposefully contribute to the team.

The relationship between the leader and the follower should be based on clear boundaries, trust, and value. Continue reading “Leadership & The Imago Dei Part II”

Leadership & The Gospel

Written By Victor Stanley Jr.

Christian leaders must always look to scripture as the basis for leadership. With the focal point of scripture being the gospel, it only makes sense to consider what implications the gospel has with regard to leadership. For most Christians the gospel consists of the story or message of Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection along with the fact of him being God. Furthermore, it teaches that belief in this message brings about the moment of salvation, which is the conversion of an unbeliever. However, this view of the gospel is narrow in that it leaves out the bulk of the teachings found in the New Testament writings of the Apostles and the teachings of Jesus.  Continue reading “Leadership & The Gospel”