What Then Shall We Do?

Written by Jeff Benson

“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake
will find it.”

Matthew 10:39


I am writing this on the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.

Earlier today I was scrolling through my Facebook feed idly looking for the latest video and seeing how my friends were doing, when I came across a most interesting trend occurring within my social circle. The majority of posts I was seeing were somehow tied to a quote spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was then that I realized that I was in complete ignorance of the significance of the day, since I still had to go to work and my daily business proceeded as normal. The only thing that was different was the few extra images of quotes spoken by a man who died for his cause. Continue reading “What Then Shall We Do?”


Who Am I?

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

Worldview Questions

We hear many issues brought up when worldview is mentioned. There are all types of arguments to be had and debates to be fought. However, worldview, at its base, can be narrowed down to a few questions that get to the heart of the matter. These questions, when considered and answered, provide the basis for every other issue that comes out of the worldview debate. They are as follows: Continue reading “Who Am I?”

A Generation Lost?

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

Multigenerational ministry seems to be more relevant of an issue in our modern times than in the past, I have no hard evidence for this, but, my general knowledge of Church History suggests it is true. Why is this such an issue? There are many theories: the advent of postmodernity, the battle between traditional and contemporary services, out of touch old people, syncretistic young people and so on. I would contend that one of the major issues—at least for the American Church—is the institutionalization of Church within the mainstream society and culture. Continue reading “A Generation Lost?”