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Great thoughts on leadership from a woman’s perspective. Click the link Leaders Listen | TGC | The Gospel Coalition.


For The Sake of Art

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

If you look around wherever you are at right now or take the time to observe the population of where you live, you will notice a multiplicity of cultures. If you were to survey the population of your geographical region you would find that people have different political views, different religious beliefs, different values, different customs, different, different, different. Continue reading “For The Sake of Art”

Thoughts On Worldview

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

The following are my responses to a series of questions I was asked recently concerning worldview.

What Is A Worldview?

A worldview is how a person interprets the world around them. It consists of their morals, values, presuppositions about life and society, and their beliefs. These elements are not just views they hold, but rather they are the foundations that determine how a person understands the world around them. A worldview also serves as a person’s percipience of their role in the world, and it provides the basis for how they will judge themselves and others.
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