Brief Thoughts on Genesis 1-11

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

Genesis chapters 1 through 11 give us a front row seat so to speak to the beginning of time, man, civilization, and the world as we know it. From the onset we are given the six day creation story, and I feel that it is important to note that everything God creates is regarded as ‘good’. This reveals to us that there was nothing inherently wrong or evil within anything God created. Everything had a purpose and function given it by God, and neither nature, the elements, nor the universe were designed to be against man Continue reading “Brief Thoughts on Genesis 1-11”


Loving Disagreement

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.

If you have ever expressed any type of views or opinions on any subject, whether it be ice cream flavors or your theological stance on soteriology, someone has undoubtedly challenged your views, and an argument has ensued. We have all taken part in arguments, debates, disputes, disagreements, or whatever else you want to call them. While there is nothing inherently wrong with arguing, arguments often times lead to hurt feelings, animosity, and division. Continue reading “Loving Disagreement”